Hero WOD “DT”


1. Back Squat 7 x 2, HEAVY
** warm up to this with some lighter, warm up sets. Don’t just jump right in. Then build weight consistenly to approach near a 2 RM.

2. Strict Pull-up 7 x 3-5

*For those of you who can easily do 3-5 reps, add weight. For those who generally use a band for pull-ups, use a lower resistance to work on building strenght. This should not be 7 sets of easy pullups.




Five rounds for time of:
12 reps Deadlift (155/115)
9 reps Hang Clean (155/115)
6 reps Push jerk (155/115)

CrossFit often pays tribute to fallen servicemen with a Hero workout named in their honor. “DT” honors United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Timothy P. Davis, who was killed by an IED in Afghanistan on Feb. 20, 2009, while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

Never forget why CrossFit created these hero workouts in the first place. Timothy Davis gave his life in service of his country. Push through this workout- A little bit of pain in the gym is just a small reminder of his sacrifice.

SAFETY FIRST: A 155-pound or 115-pound deadlift probably won’t turn any heads, unless you blow your back out and collapse. Always keep your back flat. Do not sacrifice form just because the weight seems “easy”.DT-th