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June/ July Athlete of the Month

John- Reppin' Ohio at his first offical 5K

John Felber- Reppin’ Ohio at his first offical 5K

With the busyness of the summer months and transition to the new Wodify system (thank you to all our athletes for doing so well with this!) We are back on track and happy to announce the June/ July Athlete of the month is none other than John Felber.

Since John has been off hiking through the White Mountains, I have taken upon myself to brag on his behalf until he returns.

Over the last year, John has grown to be a very valuable and appreciated member of Heritage Crossfit. He trains consistently despite his very demanding schedule of work and travel. Through persistence and attention to detail, he has turned some of his biggest obstacles into his greatest strengths.  Over the last year, John has developed proficiency in form and technique where many others become frustrated and overwhelmed.  John has improved tremendously not only in his strength in his lifts but in his gymnastics and body weight efforts. He has mastered his kipping pull-ups, has taken on the butterfly, and even the bar muscle-up.

Outside the gym, our “Felbs” is Major John Felber of the United States Army. He is a Clemson MBA Alumni and VERY proud Ohioan- his dog is even named Buckeye! John is true aficionado of Beer- frequenting breweries, knowing all the best brews of any and all brew companies in any and all states, and even brews his own. But that is just the surface. John is the true embodiment of CrossFit and its application to all areas of one’s life.

I started my very first day of CrossFit right alongside of John. From day one, John has pushed himself, relentlessly always wanted more, and more than anything- has never let me give up. John leads by example, completing every single rep, whether he is charging out first in a run or trudging through his double unders. He practices his form and technique, carefully using every bit of coaching to better himself on the next rep. CrossFit is constantly varied and functional movements- a philosophy John has applied not just at the box but through the rest of his life. John most recently hiked over 75 miles in the White Mountains. He is regularly outdoors- golfing, hiking- both locally and wherever his travels may take him, and even diving- on 11 day dive trips in the Bahamas. I was lucky enough to run with John in his first “official” 5K, and have been subject many times to his peer pressure of extra running work.

In John’s year long journey at Heritage, he has also taken on the daunting but life changing task of altering his diet. “Pub food” went right alongside John’s love of beer. John has since cleaned up his diet seeing changes both physically and in his performance. John took on the Whole30 challenge (and pushed me to do the same). John fully embraced all there is about the CrossFit way- in the box and out.

I have felt truly lucky to have gotten to know John over the last year.  He embodies the essence of “community”. He has challenged me to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. He has never let me give anything but my best effort. He has encouraged me to be a healthier person. He has lead by example. And he has been my support when pushing to the limit just seemed like it would be too much.

John is leaving our Heritage Community soon, heading to Fort Detrick, MD. He will always be a part of our family here. It has been a pleasure and an honor to coach you since day one. Though I will not miss having his jump rope thrown at my head when he’s “done” with double unders, I will absolutely miss having one of the most hardworking athletes and genuinely good friends by my side in the box.

– Coach Wagz