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Athlete of the Month

Heritage CrossFit is more than a gym. We’re a community of friends and like-minded people that help each other achieve our fitness goals.

Each and every one of us at Heritage CrossFit trains hard in pursuit of a higher fitness level. Some train to compete, some are trying to lose weight and gain muscle, and some are here just to stay active and enjoy the company of others on a similar path of health and fitness. Whatever the reason we have all chosen to involve Heritage CrossFit as part of our daily lives. We depend on each other, hold each other accountable, we turn to each other for help, and we look to each other for support when it comes to setting goals- with both training and diet.

The athlete of month page is dedicated to someone who represents what Heritage CrossFit and the Crossfit mindset and methodology is about- inside the gym and out. It’s not always going to be the strongest, fastest or best athlete in the gym. It’s going to be someone who comes in and works hard on a consistent basis, has a good attitude toward others and sets goals to work towards.


May Athlete of the Month- 2015

Corey Resendes, May Athlete of the Month


For our first ever ATHLETE OF THE MONTH, we felt no need to look any further than Corey Resendes. Corey has been an inspiration to many from his very first day at Heritage Crossfit. He embodies the concept of “Hard Work Earns Respect”. Corey is the definition and proof that CrossFit works, and does amazing things if you just trust in the process.

“I started CrossFit four months ago. I never realized the enormous effect it would have on my life. When I started, I was overweight and living a very unhealthy lifestyle- takeout during the day and drinking at night. I had finally decided I had had enough. I joined CrossFit after hearing from many people it was  a high intensity workout with fast results. They were right- after my first class I couldn’t move. And I couldn’t wait to do it again. I could see and feel the results so quickly I almost didn’t believe it. I knew this was the place I needed to be.

The results aren’t the only things that keep me going, although they help. It’s the community feel here that helps the most. Everyone is there to help in any way they can. From the very first class, Coach Eric has been pushing me to be better than I was the class before. He has never let me quit or settle for less. It’s not just the coaches, the other athletes have inspired me and motivated me every step of the way.

CrossFit isn’t just a work out; it really is a way of life. I’ve stopped drinking and I’ve lost 35 pounds. I’ve adapted a new healthy lifestyle. I won’t grab takeout, I’ll head to the grocery store and cook dinner. Instead of sitting on the couch I want to get outside and be active. I love pushing my body to see just what I can handle and I am always surprised at just how much that is.

I would never be at the point I am today, in as little as four months without Heritage CrossFit. I can never thank the people here enough; the owners for creating this community full of strong supporting people, the coaches for pushing me to do what they knew I could do, and the other  athletes for giving me motivation to be better than I am. I also want to thank everyone who had a hand in creating the Athlete of the Month program. It will give people one more goal to strive for. Lastly, thank you for thinking of me to be the first. I truly am honored that you all think I deserve this.”

Corey, Thank you. We are lucky to have you as part of our community. Your hard work through training, and your commitment to clean eating and a healthy lifestyle do not go unnoticed. You are an inspiration to many, and we are so proud to name you Heritage CrossFit’s first Athlete of the Month.